About CEO


Fly Love

Fashionista , Influential , and Ambitious . Shartesia Love made a name to herself when she created Love2slayboutique . She dreamed about starting her own since she was 7 years old . Highly influenced by her mother and aunties that also loved fashion , she decided that was the ultimate goal for her early entrepreneur career . In 2016 , Shartesia started her boutique with $50 and a dream . She worked long hours researching how to run a successful business . She also worked with a mentor that helped her along the way . The first week she started selling clothes out of her trunk she made $400 . From that point , she knew she could leave a mark in the fashion world . Every year she worked hard finding ways to upgrade inventory , website , and marketing strategies. In 2021 , she received an email from Shoutout DFW magazine asking for her story about how she got started. From there she was able to share her story with the world . Shortly after she participated in Black Women’s Expo which helped gain maximum exposure as well . In 2023, Love2slayboutique name was officially changed to FlyLoveFashions to offer a more unisex look . “Look Fly and Love Yourself”, is our motto that we stand by and want to make sure everyone get that experience when you wear our clothes .

Fashion was something Fly never saw coming until he was incarcerated where he taught himself how to sew every night . Fly started to let his imagination flow , in the midst of it all he met Shartesia Love and the rest was history . Fly witnessed how much Ms . Love had a passion for fashion and decided to invest in her dream . The long nights working on a solution to bring together a diverse “one - stop shop” e-commerce business wasn’t easy . Fly allowed Ms. Love to be free with her mind and vision for the brand “FlyLoveFashions” .

Our mission is to provide quality , fly , unique pieces that you will love .